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Reviewer: Jay F (Pittsburgh, PA)

I was involved in an accident in January during a snowstorm. I did research alot of books about settling a car accident claim on my own without using a lawyer and that had good information regarding accidents. I ordered 2 books and this was by far THE BEST !! The latest version 1.0.5 had everything I needed about handling my claim on my own which saved me thousands of dollars that a lawyer would have charged. Plus it made me more knowledgeable about car accident and what to do in general. The secret forumla really works. I applied everything step by step like the book showed in a ver EASY to use format, you don't have to read alot of long winded garbage found in other books. This latest edition gets straight to the point. It tells you exactly what to do, how to do it and what you should expect when you settle. I cannot rave about it enough since I settled for $12,845.00. Never did I think I could have been awarded that much in the case but the book outlined things I never saw in the other book I purchased. I had more ways to get more money out of my claim than I ever imagined. The STEP by STEP approach also really one me over and the fact that there are REAL LIFE examples from the book that prove you can really do it yourself and keep more of your settlement. A third of your money does not have to go to lawyers it can go directly in your pocket. Again I cannot thank this book enough and I am so glad it is available !!!!!!

This book was huge help in settling my car accident,
Reviewer: T A (Atlanta, GA)

After one year of healing from my car accident, I finally settled with the other drivers insurance company on my own. I followed the book step by step, everything is listed in order for you to follow. I did;t have to go against my insurance policy, the book showed me that and many more hints which helped save me thousands of dollars from hiring a lawyer. I was also very pleased at how easy it was to read and follow along with the author given several examples of real accidents and how they were handled. There are things in this book you should do immediately even if a lawwyer is needed. The book has a chart to tell you and when it makes sense. There are more than one secret that everyone as a driver should know from the book that would help you in case you do have an accident. As someone who has used the book to settle, I can tell you I am very pleased for the price.

A book you are sure to use,
Reviewer: J T (Chicago, IL)

I wanted a simple easay to read book that delivered results and this one was it. Who wants to read 500 pages of useless information. I want the information quick and fast, with results. And this delivered. You can settle the claim on your own and save alot of money just like I did. Plus the book has real life examples that you can follow, it is not just some made up references. I would recommend this book.

An easy and must read for everyone,
Reviewer: Richard B (Richmond, VA)

Car Accident Secrets was a very plain spoken and easy to understand informative book. It puts your head in the right place real quick if you are injured in an accident of any type. This book also puts you in the head of the person in charge of settling your case, and dispels the rouse that they are there to help you all they can. An easy and must read for everyone because one day you will be in an accident as the odds are in favor of it, and you will be better prepared to deal with it when it happens.

Extremely impressed with accident recommendations,
Reviewer: Dana W (New York City, NY)

Although I havent had an accident yet, and hopefully never will, the advice shown in this book is impressive. There are so many things that no one tells you, it is amazing how many things I didn't know about accidents or what to do in case of one. I learned an awful lot about how to proceed with a claim on my own and how to make sure my car is repaired to the way I want it. Insurance companies never explain your rights in your policy or how to make sure what to ask for at a body shop for repairs and even rental cars. It seems today you need to do research yourself otherwise you will get ripped off. So after reading this I feel more than prepared to handle any type of accident whether it is small or large. It should be bought by anyone with a drivers license !

Very informative and contains real cases,
Reviewer: Lisa S (Reno, NV)

This is the book I wish I'd had when I was involved in my friends car accident last year. But after another one this year I knew I had to look for something to help. After the accident in my friends car we did nothing and recieved nothing which I regretted since it wasnt our fault at all, we were rear ended. We were overwhelmed with the whole experience. If we had known about this book we would have gone after the other drivers insurance company. Now with my accident I am not making any mistakes. This book contains step by step insturctions to follow and even has real examples ! Even the author has had car accidents. For me that made my mind up on ordering this book. You need someone who has experienced what they write about. The author also works in the insurance industry which it says in the beginning. This truly is what the author calls it, "a simple, step by step instuction book which is easy to use." I recommend it to anyone who has had an accident or even if you havent, what you will learn can help you later.

Just settled all by myself,
Reviewer: S J (Camden, ME)

I just settled my insurance claim on my auto collision (that was not my fault) all by myself with the help of this book! Both my husband and I recommend this to anyone who has been involved in an accident. Even a minor fender bender can get you more money than what an insurance company says they will pay. A++

Amazing !!!!
Reviewer: Mark A (Las Vegas, NV)

I was surprised at how easy it was to settle my claim with the help of this book. After seeing a lawyer and having him tell me he would get 1/3 when I needed to do most of the work (getting paperwork together etc.). Saved me well over 2 thousand dollars.

Good book
Reviewer: Eric S (Dallas, TX)

I needed a book to help me after a wreck I had with another driver and this book showed me how to collect my claim from the other drivers insurence company with very little effort from me. The other driver was totally at fault and it was nice to be able to do it on my own and get the money fast - I recomend this book

Great Book
Reviewer: J Porter (San Diego, CA)
Great guide for anyone involved in a car accident.

Alot of great information and tips.

Also has alot of information that you can use
before you even get in an accident.

Very comprehensive and covers alot of topics.
More than pleased.

Great book, Really helped me
Reviewer: Robert C (Terre Haute, IN)

I got in an accident, someone hit me and caused about 800$ of damage to my car. The car was towed to a garage and I needed a loaner. I wish I had bought the book before I got hit. I made 2 mistakes with the garage and the loaner car, if I had read the book it would have saved me even more money. Thank goodness I found the book on the internet after the accident. I used the book, the forms and the secret formula to get a great settlement from the "other" drivers insurance cmpany. Before I read the book I thought my insurance company and me would have to pay for the damages I received. The book also includes a chart that shows based on an accident who pays for what. It also tells you how to talk to the other insurance company. Without the book I would have never received the amount I did.


October 21, 2004
Reviewer: Ann F (Stowe, VT)

I was involved in a bumper to bumper accident in late January and thanks to this book and all the suggestions, I was able to settle on my own last week and receive more than what I thought was possible.

The book was easy to understand and gave me all the forms and steps to quickly and easily deal with the insurance company. Without the book I would not have known what to do and would have probably had to hire an attorney. I give the book 5 stars!!

Excellent reference

Reviewer: Mike Th (Phoenix, AZ)

Great reference book for anyone who has been involved in a car accident. Tells you what to do after an accident and has many tips.


Needed help after a fender bender

Reviewer: BonnieSc (Atlanta, GA)

I looked all over and found this book which helped me win over $3000 on my accident claim. At first I thought of going to a lawyer but when I contacted several attorneys they wanted over a 3rd of my settlement.

Then I came across Car Accident Secrets which showed me step by step how to settle my case directly with the OTHER drivers insurance company. I didnt need to go to my insurance company at all. Doing it that way like the book recommended my insurance did not go up and all of the settlement money came from the other drivers insurance company.

I also found out the steps I needed to take in dealing with the insurance company. So step by step I followed the guide, it was really easy. It is surprising how easy it was to receive my settlement check.

I cant thank the publication enough for all of the insights I have gained on car accidents. Not only did it get me the money I deserved but it also aids my family and friends with all of the knowledge and advice.

I'm sure alot of people have no idea what their policies cover or how to recoup a loss but this book explains it in plain english so anyone can understand. You dont have to be a lawyer or claim adjuster to get your fair settlement from the insurance companies.

I highly recommend this book to anyone.



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